Partner with Us

We at Cashmere Weavers are always looking for new partnerships. We love to grow, and love it even more to help people grow with us. Products from the Valley of Kashmir are always loved and are very popular all over the World. Their demand is always increasing, owing to the beauty and rarity of the admirably crafted Handmade Products.

We believe that anyone on the globe can sell our Handcrafted Products, as they truly speak for themselves and need no explanation. Besides, our Team would love to train you with our entire product range and mentor you through the entire process.

Whether you are a University student in Australia, or a home maker in Canada, or an IT consultant in USA?  If you have the passion to start something exquisite while having the joy of giving back to the society, kindly contact us. We offer unique partnership models for you depending on your requirements and goals.

A shout to all the Business Owners! Elevate your existing business by including our unique products in your kitty. We would be more than happy to customise and offer you products as per your line of Business.

Boutique Owners, we totally understand how essential it is for you to remain in Vogue! So whether you want to develop a new product line or create a fusion of ethnic and contemporary styles, we have got your back!

For all the Brands, if you want to map out that special design and want to get it developed with skill and precision, we will do it all for you. For the ingenious designer who has that creativity chiseling inside, we believe in turning your dreams into reality.

If the idea gets you slightly excited, and if you are giving it a thought, get in touch with us and we will help you make a decision! 🙂