About Us

Cashmere Weavers is an organization, working towards the ‘Upliftment of Kashmiri Artisans and safeguarding the dying Kashmiri Art’. The history of Kashmiri Handicrafts dates back almost 5000 years. The Kashmiri Art is integrated with every being, to the extent that even the remotest areas of the state take you to an artistic World of Art and Craft. Just about everything you see in Kashmir, has some form of art work done on it. It is beyond belief; the way the centuries old majestic art has been handed down, nurtured and preserved with pride for generations immemorial.

Cashmere Weavers is a platform for the art, craft and cultural ecology of Kashmir. We strive to create a democratic and an empowering space for the Artisans. We have developed an organizational structure that ensures that the Artisans get their own space and recognition for their work. We ensure that people are satisfied pursuing their age old craft; and continue practicing the same. We want to socially and economically support maximum number of Artisans; in a manner that the age old tradition is preserved and taken ahead with dignity.

Cashmere Weavers sincerely hopes to substantially improve the lifestyle of a significant number of Kashmiri Artisans; while ensuring that the centuries-old rich Art is preserved at its best.