Multicolour Striped Cashmere Stole




Baby soft and extremely light to carry. This stole can be folded to be kept in your bag or even in your pocket.

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Product Description

Stripes Stripes everywhere! We bring to you the warm embrace of Cashmere in the coulourful hues of stripes, flaunting their appeal as you pass by. Boasting a bold and captivating striped weave, our unisex wrap is made up of soft, breathable Cashmere. Drap yourself in this fine Stole from the Valley of Kashmir, the warmth of which is unyielding. The fine quality of the wool, and the weaving pattern makes it an excellent pick for one and all. Its perfect for a day at work or an outing!

This 100% Cashmere Stole has been skillfully hand woven by Women Artisans of the Valley, who work meticulously to make finest quality Cashmere Stoles. We draw on the six hundred year old heritage of the Valley; every ultra-soft fiber originates from Kashmir while simultaneously evolving the craft for the 21st century’s most discerning taste.



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